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Extra Licenses

Get lifetime licenses to use ACworks’ images for commercial purposes without any worries about copyright infringements.

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I. What is an Extra License?

AN EXTRA LICENSE is a license provided by ACworks that grants you the right to use Images (still photographs, vectors, illustrations, drawings, graphics, clipart, and the like) downloaded from ACworks websites as the main element for commercial projects.

An Extra License is required for each Image, and the Image can be used as the main element for commercial projects after the license is purchased. Only premium users can buy Extra Licenses.

Extra Licenses are sold for Images from ACworks only. Images from other creators do not have Extra Licenses.

You can search the Images that have Extra Licenses from AC Collections or by searching with the filter by creator’s name function.

All users agree that the Extra License is a non-exclusive license and that the same material content may be sold to multiple parties.

II. Why should I buy an Extra License?

Compared to Standard Licenses, Extra Licenses grant you more rights to use the Images downloaded from ACworks websites.

Use in physical products for sale or promotional distributionUse as elements of digital templates for sale or distribution
Standard License

Impossible even if only a part of the Image is used

Extra Licenses

The following are uses allowed under the Extra License:

- Use in products intended for sale or promotional distribution , including T-shirts, calendars, mugs, phone cases, jigsaw puzzles, tote bags, postcards, greeting cards, magnets, calendars, stickers, and stamps as the main content

- Use as elements of digital templates for sale or distribution , for example, use in digital greeting card services, templates for download services on the Internet, or incorporation into cell phone standby screens, application software samples, screensavers, etc.

Once you have purchased an Extra License for a particular Image, you may use that Image as many times as you like for Extra License purposes without any limitation in times of use. The price of an extra license is 29.99USD (tax included) per piece . ACworks reserves the right to change the price at our discretion.

III. Extra License Agreement

1. Processing of Material

The Images purchased with an Extra License must be processed in one of the following ways before it can be used:

- Incorporate the image into a design in such a way that a third party cannot download and use the image alone.

- Change the resolution of the image to a resolution suitable for the intended use.

- Simple compositing of the image (flipping, trimming, resizing, changing colors, adding text, etc.)

Please note that the above processing requirements are not met if the original data is uploaded to the Internet in such a way that it can be easily downloaded by a third party.

You are not allowed to divert the Image, or create similar images, or post and sell the Image to other stock photo and vector graphics sites or any services similar to our services.

2. Violations

You may use the Image in the deliverables you deliver to the client, but you may not transfer the copyright of the Image to the client.

You may use the Image in the deliverables that you request the subcontractor to produce, but you may not transfer the copyright of the Image to the subcontractor.

In the event that a User uses material contents for the above-mentioned Extra License purposes without obtaining an extra license, the User shall pay 100,000 yen to our Company as a penalty for each material that corresponds to the violation. However, in the event that the amount of damages incurred by the Company exceeds 100,000 yen, the Company shall be able to claim the excess amount from the User.

3. Returns and Cancellations

We do not accept returns or cancellations of any Extra License purchase.

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Frequently asked questions about Extra Licenses

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Question 1: Can I buy Extra Licenses in packs?

Currently, Extra Licenses are sold only in single item. An Extra License costs 29.99USD (tax included).

Question 2: How long is an Extra License valid?

Extra Licenses provided by ACworks are lifetime valid. Once purchasing, you can use the Image for Extra license purposes without any limitation regarding the time of use.

Question 3: Are there any limitations in the number of products for sales under an Extra License?

There are no limitations in the number of products that use the Image downloaded with an Extra License purchased on ACworks websites.

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